Paper Rock Scissors Lizard Spock

This is a version of Paper Rock Scissors game. Those of you that watch "The Big Bang Theory" are probably familiar with it. Rules are a bit different since there are two extra options added (lizard and Spock), but the game is pretty much the same. You chose between paper, rock, scissors, lizard and Spock and there is a random choice made by the script (the computer). Your choices are compared and the winner is announced. The rules are posted below (as explained by doctor Sheldon Cooper):

Scissors cut paper
Paper covers rock
Rock crushes lizard
Lizard poisons Spock
Spock smashes scissors
Scissors decapitate lizard
Lizard eats paper
Paper disproves Spock
Spock vaporises rock
Rock crushes scissors

I don't plan on changing much in this game. I made changes to the code to add a message for when you try to chose something stupid (like Batman or a nun) instead of choices you are supposed to make. All the changes from now on will be aesthetic.